Saturday, May 07, 2005

Life is Good

On this not-so-bright-or-sunny morning, a thought or two on
Things I Hate: A Rant.

I hate getting up at 6am after only 6 or less hours sleep.

I hate having to leave my lil boy in tears at daycare, even if according to all accounts, it's over in a matter of a couple minutes.

I hate making this drive everyday, usually going at breakneck speeds of about 85-90 mph so I can either get there on time, or not be too terribly late and have to stay just that much later to make it up.

I hate the high price of gasoline.

I hate people who are too busy yapping on cell phones to pay attention to what the hell they're supposed to be doing driving.

I hate not knowing where I'm going to be or what I'm going to be doing once I get to work.

I hate seldom having the same chair that I finally got adjusted to my comfort level, since Musical Chairs is the order of the day.

I hate lazy-ass people who just skate by, leaving the hard work to other people, especially when there's a rush.

I hate actually having a work ethic that doesn't allow me to do the same, and pushes me to do my best regardless of the work I'm doing at any given moment.

I hate having to wait on other people so I can get my job done.

I hate dealing with rude people on the phone, especially when I've gone out of my way to be polite, and am not soliciting anything to begin with, and it would be just as frickin' simple to state 'We only send out faxed verifications' as opposed to 'Here's the correct way to do your job' with the unspoken 'bitch' hanging at the end.

I hate having complete internet access for 8 hours of the day, and yet being unable to do anything outside of operational parameters on break.

I hate vending machines that eat your money, and don't have much of anything decent to eat in them other than the usual junk food.

I hate not being able to just relax and eat that junk food.

I hate cutting back on Mt Dew.

I hate working for 4 hours and getting to lunch just so I can 'reward' myself with a health shake.

I hate that even though I know full well it's got everything I need in it, and that it really does taste good, that it just doesn't satisfy and I end up feeling kinda cheated.

I hate taking pills. Hate, hate, hate.

I hate how the building I work in is so close to the train tracks that when they pass, it shakes the whole building and ground beneath.

I hate not knowing how my family is at any given moment, even though I have a phone right at my desk ... which is only for work use.

I hate being so far away in case of emergencies, and having to put il marito as the main contact for my kids instead of myself, as I've been doing for years now.

I hate how in spite of working now, not having any spare money since we're still trying to catch up from slowly getting behind over the past 6 months or so.

I hate not having a direct line.

I hate not being able to actively participate during the day on calls and planning with all the efforts we have going on currently due to not having a direct line.

I hate having to wait to use one of the two available phones to get in touch with il marito or call to have my one daily check-in on my son, due to not having a direct line.

I hate how the AC system in that building is so off that on one side I freeze, and the other, I'm too hot, so it's nearly impossible to dress appropriately.

I hate the way my bach aches at the end of the day due to tension and not being able to get comfortable at my workstation.

I hate that I can't listen to my music anymore at the new crosstraining station.

I hate how things have been piling up at home since I'm not there to take care of them enough.

I hate how once I do finally get back home, it's usually chaos and more work to be done.

I hate barely having enough time to do what I need, and seldom enough to do what I want.

I hate writers block.

I hate the stress of not knowing whether or not the loan on the house will go through, and knowing the seller has people lined up behind us offering more $$, so they're looking for any way out of the contract they can find.

I hate my internet provider - Mediacom - and how inexplicably it drops out, not allowing me to view pages now and then. Which also means not being able to post. Or, it seems, dying entirely for no damn good reason, taking me completely offline for however long they arbitrarily decide to.

But you know the thing I think I hate the most? Even barring the ones I'm sure I'm forgetting here ...

I hate having no one but my own foo' ass to blame for most of it.