Friday, September 22, 2006

What the hell is wrong with people today?

I can’t be the only one wondering, can I? I mean, have you looked at the headlines lately, and did any of it give you the least bit of pause, or are we getting so jaded that nothing that comes across our screens can phase us anymore?

Kids are told they can’t ‘grind’ at a dance, and because they dared, NO MORE DANCES! BAD DOG! NO BISCUIT! But hey, says another group – go ahead, abandon your unwanted newborn baby in a trashbag near a drainage ditch. We won’t charge you with attempted murder. Obviously, that wasn’t the intent. Right? I mean how could anyone possibly misconstrue putting a baby in a garbage bag and disposing of it as being less than nurturing.

No wonder kids are confused. Too many mixed messages. Harder to tell what’s right, what’s wrong, and the degree of which, one way or another, all those shades of grey might be.

We’ve got world leaders making bigger idiots of themselves than usual, seeing just how far they can play the crowd, stooping to name-calling and overdramatic insincere appeals whilst being broadcast worldwide - popcorn for all, folks! This isn't politics, it's entertainment!

There’s radical extremists demanding another faith’s leader step down for ruffling their feathers over a 14th century quotation - I mean, it isn't as though they have some of their own religious leaders calling for the heads of their detractors, encouraging murder and violence, and all the rest. And God forbid anyone make commentary on that, or by damn, you'll get more of the same, you corrupt bastards.

Coups and bombings and riots and military actions seem to be at an all-time high, whether truth, or being overexposed by a media hungry to instill fear in the general public. Lets haul out those statistics and really give those viewers and readers pause for the brief moment the number of those who've died registers on some level or other in their tiny barbaric brains.

Babies are being ripped from wombs or torn from their mother’s arms by insane wretches trying to hide behind their own lies, or even drowning in buckets of their own mother’s vomit because she was too drunk to care enough to prevent it. But that’s ok, she loved her baby, so obviously she can’t be held accountable, right?

Children are being raped and exploited, fraud of all sorts is rampant, murderers sit and laugh in the faces of their victim’s families with no regrets, and we have idiots thinking the most important thing in the world right now is getting the new Tickle-Me Elmo, and beating up anyone who gets in the way of doing just that is perfectly reasonable.

Seriously, folks. It’s gotten beyond stupid, and so has our supposed ‘justice’ system, that allows the guilty to go free or serve reduced sentences on account of plea bargaining and the like, and puts the public at risk with how it insists that something truly awful must happen before it can do anything about the problem. Even battered women’s shelters are no defense anymore – an abusive husband killed his wife at one when he pushed past an employee on their way outside.

I’m sick of seeing it every time I turn around. I’m sick of looking at my fellow man and feeling like a vast majority of them we’d be better off without. I’m sick of all the rampant stupidity out there that allows this sort of crap to continue, nearly unabated. And damned if I’m not sick of the injustice.

And unfortunately, all I have to offer as a solution to my current rant is for people to stop being such wastes of flesh, and start remembering that we’re all in this together, and by damned its time we started acting like it.

Yeah, I know. Like that’s ever going to happen.