Sunday, April 20, 2008

Some Brief Observations

  • Parenting is what gives one gray hairs. Trust me on this one. It ain't time that ages us, it's our kids, bless their little hearts.
  • Even given the previous, I love my kids, a lot, and damned if I wouldn't do anything for them. In spite of the fact they're doing their damndest to drive me mad.
  • Regardless of how it seems I've been a failure overall.
  • Because when kids have problems, we parents tend to look at what we may have done to screw them up.
  • No, I'm not the perfect parent - big surprise there.
  • Gas prices have gotten past ridiculous and I'm sick of the stupid useless excuses the greedy bastard corporations are giving us.
  • No matter what online game/forum/community you stumble across, there will be asshats. In droves.
  • It's no longer freezing cold here. It's wet and windy. I'm sick to death of indoor recess on account of it. Have you ever seen the results of 100+ kindergarten kids who've spent too much time indoors? HAVE YOU? >_< Nevermind all the other grades.
  • I still love my job.
  • Even with the hyperactive kids.
  • Even considering the ones who seem to get sent to the office at least once a week if not more.
  • I'm sick to death of the 'campaign trail' and all the bs that goes with it. Baw, baw, baw, the other side said something mean, pay no attention to the negativity we're flinging, baw. At this point, they all suck, I wouldn't care to vote for any of them, and I'm mighty tempted to just write in the one I would have preferred anyways so at least I can live with myself the next morning.
  • Yeah. Screw you, Hillary. Sideways. Rabid porcupine. And Obama - WHAT CHANGE EXACTLY?!? McCain - don't get me started. Bleah.
  • Still very much looking forward to summer. Oh so very very much.


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