Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A little illumination, gentlemen!

This one’s going to be perhaps not short, but to the point.

I am not responsible for Melkor not roleplaying.

I am not responsible for Melkor’s inactivity.

I am not responsible for Melkor choosing not to be in the #nationstates channel anymore.

These are all his own choices, his own decisions, and he is quite capable of doing any one of them regardless of what I may or may not think about him at any given time. As it should be.

Please understand these points. If you cannot grasp that I am not responsible for other people’s actions or inactions, I don't know what to tell you. I would imagine it is going to leave you rather unanswered and disappointed.

What’s done is done, I moved on months ago, it’s high time some of the rest of you quit your fussing, second-guessing, accusing, and move on as well.

I made my explanation quite clearly, in response to his post here. What you may not know is the additional slandering that went on before, which made it more difficult to continue dealing with Melkor – that he did attempt to apologize for, and I accepted. Or perhaps you are unaware of, after it seemed things had gone quiet, his behind-the-scenes campaign to have me banned for my audacity.

That’s right, boys and girls – banned, without prior official warnings from the staff, for having responded to his taking a private dispute public, which never should have been done to begin with. I’d call that a clear abuse of power right there, and pretty dirty to boot, as I found out only after the fact, while he carried on in forums neither myself, nor any of the rest of you have access to. A bit hard to get justice when there's only one side being heard, one would think.

Won't even get into all the outright slander and nastiness that’s gone on behind my back. Something to remember - if you're going to snipe loudly about someone in public, it will eventually get back to them. Don't be surprised if now and then it ends up biting you on the ass.

Now. Clearing some things up:

[17:52] [Weyr|Ragnarok ] Nathi, for the record according to Melk it was you who told him to sod off because he misphrased his statements

Um, no – wrong. Let me illustrate. Melkor’s last words to me were as follows, direct from the last log I have of any interaction between us, dated October 15, 2005. And no, I don’t really care if some of you think I’ve doctored them, because I haven’t. Not going to play that stupid game.

[16:02] [Melkor] Good bye.
[16:02] [Melkor] And fuck off.
[16:02] [Nathi|justdrugged] Thanks, Melk, No, really.
[16:02] [Melkor] Did you not hear me the first time?
[16:02] [Melkor] Go fuck yourself.

But ... but ... he apologized!

Yes, he did, and as stated earlier, I accepted that apology – but said apology was not for any of that. Like I said, that was my last interaction with him. I say ‘interaction’ meaning ‘discussion passing between us both’ not being in the same channel. Next thing I saw was nastiness on the board, taking it all public. I responded. No, was not in perhaps the best way I could, but there you have it.

Nathi would just pitch a fit if she got in trouble over this, so people are just covering for her. Rules don't apply to her.

Bullshit, to put it bluntly. The rules are for everyone, plain and simple. I made several statements to mods and admins after things went horribly awry thanks to Melkor’s personal vendetta, saying I was fully prepared to accept a warning or temp ban or what have you if my one post warranted such. Without a fuss, mind. I felt his accusations needed answering. I realized that I was pushing the line with some of it, given how testy he can get. I left it up to the powers that be when it became more of an issue than I had ever expected it to. In any case, so much for that crap.

Well, someone needs to make the first move – you do it.

No. I don’t see why, especially after the character assassination that’s gone on, and the continued attacks, and the ridiculous vendetta – none of which I engaged in, thank you – that I should be the one to make any move. He chose to cut ties. It was not what I had hoped for or intended. I honored his choice and moved on. I’m afraid that at this point it would take much more than a simple apology to ‘patch things up’. And given his past performance and continued denial that he has done anything ‘wrong’, I really don’t see it happening.

Regardless, it is over and done, and I’m tired of hearing it over and over again from his apologists, or even well-meaning but misinformed people who would just like everyone to ‘just get along’. Nice pipe dream that – best of luck keeping those rose-colored glasses. Afraid I've put mine aside, in this respect at least.

In any case, clarity achieved? I bloody well hope so, because frankly, I have better things to do than worry about someone who has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have absolutely no respect for me, no desire to associate with me, and holds the value of whatever friendship we had as exactly nil in favor of soothing his bruised ego. Because folks, that's about all I can come up with given the circumstances.

Thought for the day: